Svante is one of most requested speakers in the Nordics with over 150 presentations a year on attracting, engaging and developing the right employees in the right ways and in the right places.

Through the years he has directly advised hundreds of organisations and thousands of bosses on how to become the first choice for the employees and customers of tomorrow.

Out of a field of over 1000 speakers, he is the only person ever to be three times awarded the maximum 5.0 rating by every single delegate at Sweden’s largest leadership network, Close. In 2018 he was nominated as Swedish Speaker of The Year 2018 in the category breakthrough.

He has also been given the highest ratings of all speakers at the largest employer branding event, World Employer Branding Day, Budapest. Just as he was at the Employer Branding Summit, Amsterdam, the Future of Work, Ljubljana, Recruitment Days, Oslo and Leadership Day, Stockholm.

In the autumn 2017 he released the original Swedish version of The Dream Employer. During its first year the book had already been released in three editions due to high demands. In the autumn 2018 he released the english version. It has already been sold to organisations in over 10 countries.

In the autumn 2018 he also launched his leadership podcast called “Chefssnack” were Svante meets some of Swedens greatest leaders and zoom in on profession rather than person. During season 1, the pod ended up on the top 5 business podcasts list at Itunes.

Svante Randlert worked as Business & People Advisor at Academic Work between 2009-2018. A company that has had the most satisfied customers 8 years in a row, and has been voted the best employer in the service sector in the last three years.