Svante is one of most requested speakers in Sweden, the Nordics and in Europe on attracting, engaging and developing the right employees in the right ways and in the right places.

Over the past 10 years Svante Randlert has directly advised hundreds of organisations and thousands of bosses on how to become the first choice for the employees and customers of tomorrow.

Out of a field of over 1000 speakers, he is the only person ever to be three times awarded the maximum 5.0 rating by every single delegate at Sweden’s largest leadership network, Close.

He has also been given the highest ratings of all speakers at the largest employer branding event, World Employer Branding Day, Budapest. Just as he was at the Employer Branding Summit, Amsterdam, the Future of Work, Ljubljana, Recruitment Days, Oslo and Leadership Day, Stockholm.

Svante has also worked as Business & People Advisor for Academic Work, from 2009 to 2018. Academic Work has been voted Sweden’s best service sector employer for the last 3 years running, and as having Sweden’s most satisfied customers every year since 2010.


On becoming the first choice for the employees and customers of tomorrow.

These days you can copy almost anything. You can copy strategies, products and visions that make teams and organisations more successful. But there is one thing you cannot copy. You cannot copy your people.

And it is your people who drive your organisation forward. They are your company’s most valuable assets. It is your people who possess the greatest potential to provide your unique competitive advantage.

So the ability to attract, engage and develop the right employees is absolutely critical if you are to have any hope of achieving good financial results. And for many sectors, the coming retirement wave and a shortage of the right competences is not going to make things any easier.

This presentation will give you analysis and tools, practical advice and the inspiration to become a dream employer.


Presentation content:

Group 208@2x

How to become a dream employer

How can you get your employees whistling all the way to work?

Group 205@2x

The dream leadership

Tomorrow’s key success factors

Group 207@2x

Customers first choice

How will you become the number one choice for your customers tomorrow?