Do you want to be a dream employer? Do you want to have your employees whistling all the way to work?
We have a web course just for you!

You decide HOW much you want to learn, WHEN you want to learn and WHERE you wanna learn.

Some of the contents of the course:

• 45 films
• Texts
• Cases
• Models
• Quiz
• Pods
• Rules exercises

At the moment the web courses are only in swedish but please contact us if you’re interested in an english version of these.


Inspiration and hands on practices

My ambition with these web courses is to inspire you as a leader – either as a CEO, a member of the board or a team manager. I’d like to tell you why you should, and how you can create a more attractive workplace for todays and tomorrows employees and become a dream employer.

But this is not a web course solely to improve your leadership skills. It is a web course that give you hands on tools to build a better team. Just follow my 10 commandments and hopefully a lot will fall into place automatically.

The effects of following my commandments? You’ll attract and land the right people and keep the right existing employees.  You will slowly but surely build a strong employer brand from within as well as mirror it to the outside. When you have the right people in the team and they really want to be a part of it, then you’ll get the results you want. Quality, efficiency and profitability comes naturally.

Through a number of films I will use my own experiences and insights as well as current research to prove my point. You’ll get hands on tools and best practices from some of the clients I’ve had the privilege to cooperate with.

My ambition is also that after you’ve completed these web courses you’ll think “well, that was easy….and fun!”. And do something. Do something that works.

Take part of everything or selected parts that are most important for you right now!

Many organizations have begun to question sending their managers on traditional courses. Today, many have gone “from push to pull”, ie where the managers themselves can choose when and where they want to train and learn new practices. With that shift in practice, new ways of thinking about continuous re-skilling and up-skilling are important.

The entire web course is therefore structured in a way that allows you to complete the course either all in one go, or choose the chapters, parts, models or cases that can help you with the challenges you and your organization have right now.

We have tried to use as many different forms of content as possible. It is everything from movies, texts, cases and podcasts to pictures, models and quizz questions. So that you’ll use as many senses and ways to be inspired and take on new knowledge as possible and find something that suits your needs exactly.

In each chapter there are also many challenges and tasks for you that you either solve yourself or together with a colleague or other person. I will supply you with energy, new perspectives and knowledge that you can transform into development in the way that you and your organization work.

Together, we take both small and large steps towards the goal of becoming a real dream employer!

The team behind the web courses

This is the result of co-operation between different experts who have created web courses that might be a little bit different from what you’re used to.

Group 264@2x
Learnster - next generation of learning platforms

I got hooked on Learnsters modern user interface and the flexibility in the platform that enables me to create the user experience I want to offer. They meet the demands that we put on user-friendliness, availability and flexibility. Today, Learnsters learning platform help thousands of users in over 15 countries to develop their competence continuously.

Group 263@2x
Film & Tell – award winning film production company

In my vision to create something a bit different than just a man infront of a green-screen and then add a couple of graphs, Film & Tell and I wanted to deliver more of a documentary feel to it. Film & tell were handpicked due to the fact that their films have traveled all over the world and been a Guldbaggen Award nominee and have won the prestigious Kristallen Award in 2016 and 2017.

Pär Lager – project manager and man behind the course

With his past experiences as a leder, Pär has obtained a wide experience when it comes to leadership, business intelligence, innovation and communication. He has among other things been the CEO for Berghs School Of Communication, often described as a world leading school within communication. He has also been manager for business development within Sifo Group as well as political adviser at the Department of Education.

Group 203@2x


Price for one commandment:
1 500 SEK


If you buy all 10 commandments
10 000 SEK

Group 197@2x

Small companies

Price for the entire course.
2-10 participants.
7 500 SEK /person


Price for the entire course.
11-50 participants.
5 000 SEK /person


Big companies

Price for the entire course.
51-100 participants.
2 500 kr /person


Price for the entire course.
1 000 kr /person